Eclipse Shading Systems

Eclipse Shading Systems

Too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous, but Eclipse Shading Systems is
stepping up to the challenge by providing customers with UV blocking technology
and the new Eclipse E-Zip Side Retention Exterior Screen.

Skin cancer, premature skin aging, and eye damage are amongst the top dangers
that too much sun exposure might cause, but what if there was a way to enjoy your
outdoor patio without the need of applying sun screen lotion every time you walk
outside? Eclipse Shading Systems claim to have the solution: retractable awnings
that reduce sunlight and sun glare by around 94% and block 98% of harmful UV
rays from the sun.

Not only can sunlight be bad for your health, but they can also ruin any furniture
you might have outside, and even furnishings on the inside of your house. Eclipse
Shading Systems offers a wide variety of products depending on customer’s
particular needs (all are retractable): awnings (deck & patios), window and porch
awning, exterior solar screens, interior solar shades, and awning accessories.

Summertime can be a great time to just fling the porch doors open to let the sunlight
in and bring life to your home, but there ‘life’ that you may not necessarily want
to be a part of your home like bothersome flies and mosquitos that can damper
put a damper on your mood and even bring a potential disease or sickness. In
order to prevent this they also offer the new Eclipse E-Zip side retention solar &
insect screen which can be mounted on the outside of any structure, providing
UV protection for all of your inside furniture, while maintaining your view of the
outdoors without sun glare or insects coming inside the house.

Awnings aren’t just useful for blocking sunlight during the day, but Eclipse Shading
Systems also offers the possibility of having your own nighttime ‘café’ with the
Eclipse Lunar Lighting Package—an incandescent lighting system that is attached to
the upper backside of the Eclipse Awning’s front bar, which will let you enjoy your
backyard through the long hours of the night. If that isn’t enough and you want to
take it even further, they also offer an Eclipse solar beam infrared heater that you
can control during chillier times so even though porch can be used at any time.

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