Patio Retractable Awnings

Patio Retractable Awnings

It’s that time of year again, when the days grow longer and the sun starts shining, when we jump ship (so to speak) and find ourselves spending more and more time in the garden. But when the weather really starts getting hot, a little shade is always appreciated – which is why you should consider transforming your garden or patio space with a retractable awning. These lightweight sun canopies are usually attached above patio doors or external wall so that they can be pulled open to provide shade for a sitting or picnic area. Retractable awnings can also be free standing which gives you the freedom to position them away from your house to maximize your outdoor space.

Retractable awnings come in a range of colors and styles. Most are made of specially designed fabrics that block harmful UV rays from the sun – giving maximum protection for you and your family. In terms of patterns, most people tend to stick with green and white candy stripes – but don’t think there are any limitations to what you can have. From block colors and bold patterns to delicate stripe designs, customizing your retractable awning to match your home is as easy as ever. These canopies can also be waterproof, preventing your outdoor meal from being spoiled by a sudden downpour.  Most awnings can be redesigned and fitted to your individual needs, meaning whatever the garden shape, space or size, awnings can be made to measure. Most fitters can have your canopy installed and ready to use by the end of the day.

Retractable patio awnings can usually be open and closed with a manual crank handle. The remote operated ones eliminate all the hard work and also come with other functions. Most canopies with built-in sensors can now detect when the wind picks up and automatically retracts the awning, essentially saving itself from weather damage and saving you the repair bill. This sensor can also pick up on sunlight levels, adjusting itself as the day goes on to the varying light intensity outside. Because today’s retractable awnings are built so well, many of these mechanisms come with a five-year guarantee.

Canopies can also be customized with additional features, including anything from built in lighting to heaters. They can provide the perfect environment for outdoor parties and gatherings. A very interesting and useful feature that some awnings include is drop down valances. These valances are additional pieces of awning material that hang over the lip of the canopy. They too can be retractable and set at any height for when the sun moves into a difficult but blinding position. Smaller side awnings can also be installed on exterior walls. If you want to improve your outdoor area quickly and easily, invest in a patio retractable awning today!

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